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Customer Services


Product Care

In order to best care for your ro bags and small leather goods, we advise following the care instructions below depending on the fabric.


- Leather

Please keep your bag away from prolonged intense sunlight, heat, and humidity. Exposure to water, oil, makeup, and permanent dyes can unfortunately stain tanned leathers. In the event your handbag gets soiled other than with permanent dyes, try gently dabbing the leather with a clean, dry cloth and mild leather cream. Do not clean with water as this may stain. Store your products in the dust bag provided to you when not in use. Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces.


- Denim

We recommend simply wiping the denim with a soft, damp cloth to remove surface dirt. Please avoid ink marks, grease, permanent dyes, and oil stains as they are not removable and should be left alone.


- Canvas

Spot clean your bags with a damp sponge or bristle brush. If the bag is heavily soiled, use mild soap and cold water, and do this only if necessary and on specific areas. Never use detergent. Do not machine wash or machine dry.



Reborn Service

ro offers a reborn service for products purchased over 1 year that develop defects due to normal wear and tear, such as faulty zips and buttons, ripped pockets and linings, cracked leather piping or edge paint. To arrange a repair you will need to take your bag to one of our stores, and our repair team will evaluate the damage and assess whether or not it can be repaired effectively. A quote will then be sent to you before proceeding with the work. It may take around 6 weeks to carry out any necessary refurbishment. ro reserves the right to repair or replace the defective pieces in case of accidental damage or deliberate misuse.


If you have any further questions about ro’s reborn service, please contact +852 2751-5298 or email ro bags at