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    08th June, 2017

    Promotion: LASSO Collection


     This hot summer, our entire collection of Lasso tote bags and leather small accessories is 30% off with free worldwide shipping. 

    The Lasso collection features a unique self-fastening system of brass tubes and ropes that closes automatically when you pick up the bag.

    Click here to view the entire Lasso Collection.


    13th April, 2017

    Promotion: LASSO Canvas Bags & Leather Small Accessories


    From now until Friday May 5th 2017, our entire collection of Lasso canvas bags and leather small accessories is 15% off with free worldwide shipping. 

    The Lasso Collection has been a long-time favourite at ro and remains one of our most popular series. It centres on the original system of brass hardware and nylon roping that is functional and eye-catching. 

    ro Lasso Gouda Shoulder Bag

    ro Lasso Gyoza Dumpling Bag

    ro Lasso Canvas Bags Details

    ro Lasso Onigiri Rucksack

    The canvas bag line-up consists of the Shumai Tote Bag, Gyoza Dumpling Bag and Onigiri Rucksack, each available in two sizes and four colour combinations. 

    In the leather small accessories line-up are the Gouda Shoulder Bag, Gruyere Horizontal Pouch and Brie Vertical Pouch, available in four colour combinations.

    Click here to view the entire Lasso Collection.


    12th September, 2016

    Streetsnaps: CINTIA


    Name: CINTIA

    Occupation: Instablogger | @cinnn.cintia

    Product: Urbanite - Vertical Briefcase

    Styling tips: Always on the go I don't compromise on practicality vs. originality in design, I want both. And in gloomy weather days like this, carrying a 13" laptop means a work-attire bag that can manage the rain is very much needed. Yep, loving my @ro_bags !


     URBANITE Vertical Briefcase


    22nd July, 2016

    News & Updates: Gage Street Store - new shopping experience


    Feel free to come by to our gage street store to enjoy a brand new shopping experience!


    Gage Street Store


    Gage Street Store


    Gage Street Store


    24th July, 2015

    Promotion: Lasso & Tool Bag Collection



    17th June, 2015

    Features: W.C. Russell's Moccasin Shoes


    Most people know Berlin as the metropolitan capital of Germany. But there is a lesser known Berlin tucked away in a small town in Wisconsin, USA. It's the home of W.C. Russell Moccasin Company, a very unique shoemaker. They are unique because they have been stubborn, very stubborn indeed, since 1898. Yes, that's 117 years in the making!


    A staple and an established name in the world of hunting, W.C. Russell’s shoes have been worn by presidents, head of states, Hollywood actors and the avid outdoorsmen for generations. But I only came across W.C. Russell's shoes several years ago on a trip to New York. My initial impression was that these shoes were very much CRAFTED (as opposed to manufactured). From the selection of leather and sole; to the solid brass eyelets and the hand-stitched front part of the shoe, these shoes had a special quality about them. But the magic happened when I tried on the shoes. The way the leather wraps and hugged my feet was unique, it felt like a glove for my feet. After reading more about W.C. Russell’s philosophy, I learned that this feet-hugging quality comes from their ‘true moccasin construction’.


    Most shoemakers have outsourced their production overseas to take advantage of lower labor cost in order to increase profit margins. But not W.C. Russell Moccasin Co.. They have remained in Berlin, Wisconsin since 1898. In fact many of the sewing machines in their production plant have been with them for 100 years. The craftsmen and the people who work there also stay for a very long time, sometimes spanning generations.  So this was what I meant by stubborn. They have been making their shoes and boots in the same way (with the same machines and craftsmen) they have been doing it since more than a century ago. And stubborn, in this context, is a very good thing.


    W.C. Russell's Moccasin Shoes are available at ro K11 shop.




    12th February, 2015

    News & Updates: Vote for Us! Carryology Carry Awards 2015


    Our Lee Reverse Portfolio is shortlisted as the finalist for Best Accessory in this year's Carryology Carry Awards. Voting closes on 20 Feb, 2015 (Fri). Please follow the link below and vote for us! 






    13th January, 2015

    News & Updates: ro's Upcoming Exhibitions


    We will be exhibiting at the upcoming PROJECT New York and WHO’s NEXT shows. Come visit our booth and check out our latest FW15 collection.

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